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PADI Divemaster

If you are after a career in diving or wish to obtain training that teaches you how to be a safe dive leader the PADI Divemaster course is for you. PADI's Divemaster course has set the standard in dive leadership training worldwide.

With a PADI Divemaster qualification you can find work in diving anywhere there is water. The door is opened for you to a number of different diving careers inlcuding Dive Instructor, Commercial diver, dive centre management and retail.

The PADI Divemaster course takes 10 days (spread over 2 weeks) full time. The course inlcudes dive theory, development and assessment of demonstration quality dive skills, an introduction to the PADI methodology and philosophy and several topics on leading divers. There is a component on assisting instructors and the course leads well into the PADI Instructor Development Course.

Internship Programme and the Divemaster Apprenticeship Programme. At Pacific Divers we have an internship programme for people who want to go all the way with their diving.

As an intern you will complete all of PADI's core courses up to Divemaster, take part in a wide variety of dives including night dives, deep dives, search and recovery and more, learn valuable first aid and CPR skills, and most importantly, work as part of a team in an operating dive shop. The experience you will get will give you the abililty and confidence to work as a divemaster, with a full suite of skills and experience, anywhere in the world.

The internship programme is usually conducted over 6 months, requiring a commitment of 30 hours per week. In return for the 30 hours each week we provide your training for free. All you have to do is cover your living expenses. If you don't have 6 months to spare, we can conduct the programme over 3 months, with a charge of nz$2500. That is inclusive of everything required to become a Divemaster.

Rarotonga is a great place to live, for a while at least, and a really good spot to learn to dive. So take it all the way and become a divemaster as part of your overseas experience.

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